Thursday, December 3, 2015

Web Design Advice

If designing your own website intimidates you, and you're not quite sure where to start, follow these tips to creating a website design that converts visitors into customers.

If you're website doesn't convert visitors into customers then it doesn't matter how "pretty" your website is does it?

It's been proven that if you narrow it down to one action, therefore giving your visitor only one possible action to take (not counting the action of leaving your website), you'll have a higher percentage of visitors taking the desired action due to there being less overall actions to take, less options. That's right, by overloading the navigation and website with more links, banners, widgets, and other types of "flashy" design elements, essentially giving your visitors more options, you're likely to see low conversion rates, and a higher percentage of visitors leaving shortly after arriving to your website.

People like FREE stuff. By placing priority on capturing your visitors name and email address, you will begin to build an email list of prospective customers, and more importantly you can start building relationships with them. For more advice searching more than before.